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4 systems to cover all your utility needs

Canmap Core is our suite of applications specially designed for utilities to improve your entire operation.

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Can I afford a fully integrated system?

Canmap Core is based on a well-established, modern-day license model that is often called Software as a Service (or SaaS). This means very low upfront costs to ramp up and get going, followed by easy to manage monthly costs. This progressive approach to software licensing is becoming highly popular and offers multiple benefits to your utility. Get in touch with our Sales team today to find out not if, but how we can fit into your budget.

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Do I need to buy the whole suite?

Canmap Core applications are modular and flexible, meaning you can use our entire suite of software or just one piece of it, depending on your need! Canmap also offers software customizations to help integrate your existing software into our products. So whatever you’re looking for we’ll find a perfect fit.


Can I access my data on the go?

Because Canmap Core is browser-based, all of our applications can run on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet. When not connected, devices are operational offline with the last saved copy of data and synchronize data when a connection is available. Learn about the field devices we recommend with our partners Xplore Technologies.

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We’d love to talk!

Request an information package and learn more about how Canmap Core can improve your utility’s operational efficiency and save you money, or book a demo with our product specialist!

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