Mapping System

Our mapping system covers all areas of your mapping needs from planning and developing to maintenance and inspection. All members in the office or in the field can access the utility network model GIS through these applications.

System Applications:


Build maps in the field using a rugged handheld device

With our Inspector application your field crew can build new maps, maintain existing ones and manage asset information with GPS accuracy. This data can be instantly uploaded and made available to your office teams.

  • Build GPS-accurate maps in the field
  • Collect data on inspection patrol

See recommended field device


Review and edit maps with third party GIS platform integration

This handy app allows your team to edit maps by sketching directly onto it and then send to field crews for clarification. This means that errors are significantly reduced.

  • Edit and analyze maps in detail
  • Runs on Esri or AutoCAD licensing


View updated maps from any location

Allow all relevant staff to view maps from any device including laptops, tablets and smartphones whether in the office or out in the field. These maps are up-to-date and accurate.

  • Access data using the map search tool
  • Send map based notes to other staff

See recommended field devices

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