Modelling System

With our Modelling system, leverage data from the GIS in order to facilitate outage and vegetation management through the existing model. This creates accurate network information which can be easily transferred to your engineers via EA Export.

System Applications:


Manage and respond against service interruptions

Caller tracking on a map, along with network tracing, keeps your dispatch staff informed and speeds up power restoration procedures. The system tracks restoration times and causes so you can generate annual reports for regulatory requirements.

  • Generate customer lists for planned outages
  • Predict problem location for unplanned outages
  • Manage dispatch and switching process


Track and plan your vegetation process

Reduce the likelihood of vegetation interfering with power distribution services in your utility. With this application your staff can view a new layer on your GIS map that details and tracks vegetation in your utility

  • Track brush / slash / trim details on the map
  • Plan future work

See recommended field devices

EA Export

Export a network model ready for analysis by EA Software

An advanced tool that validates data, ensures the GIS model is accurate, data matches are exact, and manages the start to finish export process to your engineering analysis program.

  • Aggregate and validate network data
  • Improve efficiency

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